Busty Scat Girl BBW Shits In Bathroom And Tastes Her Poop With Big Boobs Hanging


This busty scat girl is a gorgeous BBW who couldn’t wait to go on video to share with us her beautiful body as she takes a dump for us on webcam and shares it with us her experience. She’s a busty girl, big tits and a nice big ass. She does classify as a small BBW for sure. In many scat videos, BBWs always have big shits because, well, let’s face it – they eat a lot of food, so they must shit a lot too.

This girl shows us her asshole and pussy from behind in the shower and couldn’t wait to expel the big turd she has in her asshole. Log by log, three or so pieces come out before a goopy messy lava of shit follows. She needed to stretch her ass apart in order to keep her butt clean from any mess that would touch her ass cheeks. Watch Live Scat Sex HERE!

After expelling a big messy shit, she begins sitting down and then smearing the poop on her thighs and then gets an idea to taste her shit. Satisfied with the taste, she continues to smear shit all over her body, little bits at a time. You will notice she has a little bit of pussy hair but this babe doesn’t really let her bush grow. More Scat Found HERE.

Bending over doggystyle, you can see the mess she’s made so far with her poop. She grabs her hair and pulls it to the side as she tastes more of her awesome shit. Afterwards, bending over in front of us with her big busty tits hanging and swinging from above. Seeing a busty babe bending over with big tits swinging around as she shows us her shit covered body is like heaven. I think any of you who are into scat porn will definitely enjoy this video. What’s more is that there are scat dating sites out there that connect gorgeous scat girls with people like you and I. Find a scat partner HERE.

Girl Slow Rides Guy’s Cock While She Shits This Couple Loves Scat Play


This couple loves scat! Watch this super fit and sexy girl slow riding this guy’s throbbing cock in this scat video. She works his hard dick just right as she herself feels a nice thick turd about to leave her asshole. She’s grinding her hips on him, making sure she feels every inch of his cock deep inside of her.

With a little grunt, she slowly starts letting the brown turd out. He stretches her perfect asshole open wide with both of his hands and eagerly awaits a brown surprise, a treat if you will. He’s obsessed with his girlfriend’s ass and her shit and finally the couple got together for some scat play as you are seeing in this video. More Home Made Clips HERE!

The poop comes out of her ass, kind of hard, and slowly with the couple still fucking each other gently. You can hear their moans of excitement as the scat is released from her tight shaven asshole while she continues to fuck him. As the turd touches his groin area, you can be sure he’s super excited to see it fall down onto him. He loves shit and coming from his girlfriend, you can be sure he’s in heaven. Find A Scat Partner To Date, CLICK HERE!

After it’s fully released onto him, he continues to fuck her until he can’t handle it anymore. The video does cut off after this, but you will out very certainly he’s ready to cum. I bet you he played with her shit a little bit, maybe even tasted it before sliding his cock into her mouth or her pussy again. I can’t really explain it, the thought and feeling of a girl shitting on him must have felt like heaven. The orgasm these guys get from scat play are phenomenal. I bet you he blasted a thick load so hard after this scene ended. It’s too bad we couldn’t see more. Watch Live Scat Cams HERE!

LoveRachelle2 Has Big Tits And Shits Her Panties While Degrading You


This is LoveRachelle2, she’s one of the hottest babes in scat porn and she enjoys showing her big tits, nice pussy and ability to shit up a storm in just about any scat video she’s a part of. She’s probably one of the hottest scat pornstars there are and if she was wasn’t into scat, she would do well in regular porn too. This scene, she enjoys degrading you about having woman’s panties. Watch her tease you in this scene while she fills up her underwear in hot, sticky brown shit. You can see Live Cam Girls Shitting HERE!

The scene starts out with her degrading you. Yes, she degrades you because you like to wear woman’s underwear and you also love shit. She’s going to teach you a lesson by wearing them and filling them right up for you. Nothing is hotter than seeing a beautiful, busty woman wearing panties and filling them up with her own perfect load of shit right in them. Anyway, she bashes you for a while in the video before finally getting down to business.

She spreads apart her ass cheeks and bounces them. Oh my god she has a nice chunky ass but a fit body in general. She farts and starts giggling until she really pushes and makes her shit come out. She rubs her clit quickly to enhance the feeling. You look at her face and she’s always wearing a mask, but you can tell by the shape of her mouth that she’s the same girl we’ve known to love as LoveRachelle2. You can find scat girls like her to date by clicking HERE!

After dropping a huge load of shit in her panties, she’s like “Mmmm what do you think of that, huh?”. And the video itself pans out and ends abruptly. I don’t know about you but I find this scat girl to be the hottest of them all. You can find more clips in the Scat Shop by clicking here.

Hot Fit Teen Scat Girl Covered In Poo Masturbates, Shits And Pisses On Bed


This is a teen scat girl you should marry if you have the chance to. She’s a lovely, fit and extremely gorgeous girl who goes by the name of Scat Goddess. The first thing you’re going to see here in this scat video is a fully naked, beautiful woman covered in poo right away. She appears to be an 18 year old girl which means this is one of the few teen scat videos I’ve ever come across. She starts the scat video off by being covered in shit and spanks her pussy. Watch live scat girls HERE!

There’s definitely a second party in the background enjoying the action you can see a guy hanging out behind her, moaning and groaning as he masturbates to this lovely lady in front of him. Seeing this babe diddling her shit filled pussy is definitely a true sight to be seen. He himself is covered in shit all over his face and is probably jerking his cock off with some of her shit. You can purchase scat videos HERE.

She smarts moaning more as she spanks her pussy and rubs her shit covered clit in a circular motion. She loves the feeling of being totally covered in her poo. She enjoys the feeling so much she ends up cumming or pissing (or both) from the pleasure experienced by being a naughty teen scat girl. Not only is she covered in poop, but she’s ends up pissing and shitting even more followed by smearing it all over her beautiful body as quick as it comes out of her asshole.

This is definitely a quick scat video, but you could imagine the events leading up to it and following it. I would love to date a teen scat girl like this one. I think you’ll have a great time finding someone who is into scat play by visiting a website dedicated to dating people with fetishes. Click here to find a teen scat girl now to date!

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