Hot Scat Compilation Girl Shitting Thick Turds


In this scat compilation video, you’re seeing a beautiful girl with a nice big ass and shaven pussy pushing out some of the thickest turds ever. Watch the first one come out as she softly grunts. The pressure of her asshole makes her pussy wet as the brown mass slides out of her colon. It just keeps coming and coming. Looking at in her hand, her shit looks to be about a foot long! Browse real homemade scat clips NOW!

The next shit she does is done in her bathroom, where she hovers over the toilet and lets the thick turds plop out.

Thirdly, you’re going to see her squat over a pair of clean white shoes. She lets out some soft grunts as she drops a light brown, corn filled shit over her shoes. Her asshole is nice and puffy. She has no problem showing her face though, as long as she’s wearing glasses. Watch live girls shitting NOW!

But wait, there’s more! The fourth shit you’re seeing her do is quick and to the point, but the fifth one is where it gets interesting. She spreads both cheeks and a big thick log comes out into a bowl on the floor. It looks meaty and full of flavor!

There’s many more scat scenes attached to this compilation, but you get the idea – she loves to shit! I think you’re going to enjoy everything this girl is all about. She takes her shitting seriously and wants you to enjoy her ass, her shit and her noises as she relieves herself. Get a scat girl like her, try scat dating!

Hot Young Woman Shits In The Shower And Masturbates To Orgasm


She’s young, naked and shits in the shower. She’s got a stomach ache but doesn’t seem to mind. She’s got a nice body, some very perky tits – about a handful. She’s feeling horny and you can tell that her stomach ache isn’t going to ruin her masturbation session. This girl is about to take matters into her own hands. She’s enjoyed scat play before but nothing as intense as this. So, when the urge to shit came to light, she pushed the built up load of shit right out of her colon and into the bathtub while squatting and masturbating her clit lightly. You gotta see live girls who are into SCAT PLAY.

After all the shit fell out, she grabs some with her hands and starts to smear it all over her teen tits. She enjoys the feeling of warm, gushy shit all over her body. She loves the way it feels, smells and looks as it’s painted all over her. She leans back and begins masturbating again. Her eyes widen up and you can see her red and black hair on her face. She lets out a few farts and shits a little more as she continues stroking her clit, to an increased rhythm. There are many Scat Videos to buy and download here.

This continues for a few more minutes before she ends up finger fucking her pussy, completely covered with shit and her eye liner running. Right near the end of the scene, she begins to slow down and slowly massaging her pussy while covered in scat. She feels whole, she feels satisified. She truly is a scat girl. If you enjoyed this, maybe you’ll want to find a girl who loves shit and date her.

Hot Fit Girl Vanessa Grunts And Pushes Shit Out Into Tupperware


The struggle is real. This hot and very fit girl named Vanessa is having an easy (but at the same time, difficult) time shitting into some Tupperware. She had a lot to eat the day before and something just wasn’t agreeing with her stomach this morning. Today, she pushes shit into a Tupperware container like a champ. Looking at Vanessa, you would agree for sure that she’s an incredibly fit and sexy girl who absolutely enjoys working out and looking good. She’s got a six pack and nice tits. Her pussy shaved and tight, her asshole is too. She’s got a nice tan going on and has beautiful, long dark hair. Watch live girls shit on camera HERE.

Let’s get to the scat video… she positions herself with her legs spread wide, wide enough that a guy could eat her pussy out and still easily catch some shit from her asshole at the same time. Vanessa leans back and starts pushing with all her might. She grunts hard and the sound and visuals of compacted, soft shit makes an appearance as it plops into the Tupperware. After the initial tidal wave of shit comes out, she lets out a sigh of relief and gives it hard again. Another grunt and her teeth start to show and her lip curls. She’s let it all out at this point and heads over to the toilet to clean up and tinkle a little before dumping the shit filled container into the porcelain throne where it belongs. I never thought it was possible, but you can actually date a girl that is into scat HERE.

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Girl With Perfect Ass And Pussy Shits On A Plate


You can’t find a better looking ass and pussy in scat porn than what this girl seems to have going on. She’s got a nice plump and juicy ass, complete with a shaven pussy in this video. You’re going to stare right into her brown eye as a turd slowly makes its way out of her gaping asshole. While she’s pushing her bowel movement out, you can’t help but stare at the god damn outlet on her wall without a face plate.

Back to the scat video – she pushes her colon a little harder and the stubborn turd makes its way through her colon and sphincter with a few puckers of her asshole. Emerging is a giant brown turd that looks like a combination of hard and juicy brown goodness. You can tell this girl is totally turned on and wants to show us all a good time. Her shaven pussy is leaking out a mixture of piss and cum as she expels a juicy turd. She made sure she shit on a plate so you can properly see the end result of what came out of her beautiful ass and pussy – shit and piss. Watch Live Girls Having Scat Sex!

I’m sure if you were there with her, you’d want to help her shit and possibly play with her excrement. Am I right? She’s a beautiful girl with a perfect ass and pussy, shitting right in front of you. I’m sure some of you would even go as far as to eat her shit. What do you say? I’m sure there are plenty of girls who are down for toilet play / scat play and more in your area. I think you should give a scat dating site a shot. Find A Girl Like Her – Scat Dating!

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